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50% of American Startups fail before 4 years. Why?

Our ultimate goal is not to program APP or website, but to create a StartUp in a professional and innovative way, ensuring the best human and financial resources. 22 Venture Builder is a privately held company with a strong relationship in the financial sector, attracting many types of investors depending on the stage of each project: from Angel investor, Seed Capital, Venture Capital, to Private Equity.

To guarantee the success of our StartUps, we assume the development of the technology as well as participate in the initial investment. We are an eclectic group of entrepreneurs, technology experts, engineers, marketing strategists and investors.

According to the research the main cause identified was the fact of Not having a market, namely not solving the customer’s problem. Additionally, it was mentioned the Startups ran out of cash, had issues with the team, and faced pricing problems.

The 22 Venture Builder methodology starts primarily by identifying the problem or opportunity, as well as the formation of a multi-disciplinary team with know-how in Market, Technology and Operations. The development of the solution also goes through the validation of the business model. We are a Sustainable Startups Factory, we are committed to the longevity of our businesses.