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Artificial Intelligence


Artificial Intelligence (AI) seems a distant reality to most people and businesses. In fact, Artificial Intelligence is much more present in our lives than we imagine, impacting our decisions, and the way we live, how we perceive our future. The consequences of Artificial Intelligence are also impacting profoundly the way companies operate.
If you have shopped online, accessed social networks, listened to online songs, interacted with personal assistants such as Siri or Alexa, or simply used a smartphone, indeed Artificial Intelligence is already part of your everyday life.
However, Artificial Intelligence has much more to offer from the user (experience) perspective, and from companies as well. Autonomous cars and navigation systems, security, surveillance and facial recognition platforms, building automation, financial market, healthcare, e-commerce, and more. Artificial Intelligence will change the way people perceive and interact with technology, and it will surely have an even deeper impact on business, a world opportunities. Artificial Intelligence will change the world in a matter of years.


Complex problem solving

Assertiveness and error reduction

Speed of decision making

Productivity 24 x 7

Types of Artificial Intelligence

Generally, they are divided in two distinct approaches: symbolic AI and connectionist AI.
In symbolic AI, the mechanisms utilize symbols, letters, numbers or words. They thus simulate the logical reasoning behind the languages ​​with which humans communicate with one another.
The connectionist AI approach is inspired by the functioning of our neurons. Simulating, therefore, the mechanisms of the human brain. An example of technology of the connectionist approach is the deep learning, the capacity that a machine has to acquire deep learning, imitating the neural network of the brain.
Source: by FIA (Foundation Institute of Administration), August 17, 2018.

Applied Artificial Intelligence

22 VENTURE BUILDER has the know-how to apply Artificial Intelligence with the potential to transform your business through the development of proprietary technology as well as applications developed with partners.

Therefore, our technology is available for solving simple or complex issues, accessible for both small and large businesses. Definitively, a competitive advantage at your fingertips.