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Technology Solutions designed for business partners and for a better customer experience.


Technology Solutions designed for business partners and for a better customer experience.

We help our customers shift their perspectives, from a original idea to a real world business. At 22 VENTURE BUILDER, we provide technology support and business advice on Legal, Accounting, Marketing and Investment access, on the basis of proven internet-based business models. We focus on creating and developing a solid business, not only from internal ideas but also from partner initiatives.

22 VENTURE BUILDER dedicates a Multi-disciplinary team, provides Market & Operational guidance and Strategic help, in order to enhance rapid development, to deliver reliable and scalable platforms.


Technology Disruption to transform traditional business models into 4.0 Industry.

We identify a business, trade or industry problem. By the use of technology, we can change existing models, organizational structures, and influence consumer behaviors, social-economic patterns, governmental regulations. Digital Transformation has changed dramatically the e-commerce scenario. Artificial Intelligence & Blockchain are currently available and accessible even to small businesses, which can compete in a global environment.

Your business can, and should, take the lead regardless it is a traditional industry or a small retail. Welcome to the new era of Innovation and Collaboration. 22 VENTURE BUILDER solves your challenges.


Partnership to develop and implement state-of-the-art technology for new business enterprises.

Do you have a Vision and want to invest? To diversify? To become an Entrepreneur?

Find out about our INDUSTRIES and discover our Portfolio opportunities. In terms of new projects, we can advise You:

Market Screening

Opportunity Evaluation

Business Modeling

Development & Implementation

Pre-operational Activities

Personal Commitment

Key Performance Indicators - KPI

Contract Management

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We help our partners change their perspectives, from an initial idea to a real-world business.